Thursday, September 25, 2008

true love.

my friend laura once said that coldplay writes the songs that her heart sings. kind of poetic, huh? i love coldplay as much as the next girl, but phil wickham is my heart's writer. "divine romance" is my ultimate wickham favorite, but most recently i find myself drawn to the powerful lyrics in the song "true love." Jesus is teaching me daily about walls built up in my life. in joshua 6 we see a wall around the city of jericho, an obstacle for the people of God. these people had submitted to God's Will yet found themselves up against a wall. we learn in joshua 6 and throughout scripture that we are to view obstacles differently than non-believers. additionally, you can't experience a miracle without first encountering an obstacle, a wall of some sort.
"come close/listen to the story/about a love more faithful than the morning."

Monday, September 15, 2008

no need to pedal.

i would title this post "really, really, really?" if only i were convinced that the "really"'s would stop at three.

today, between classes, i spent time walking the campus with the intention of praying for students as they passed. prayer-walking is something i've experienced while overseas and something that i believe to be quite powerful.

i began to pray and ask God to really meet students where they are. i acknowledged that very few students are seeking Him out; they're caught up in the fast-paced worlds they've created for themselves. then, as the words were literally still forming in my head, i paused at the sound of a motor of some sort. imagine my surprise when i realized the motor was attached to a bicycle.

casually seated on his bike was an average-looking guy with his feet in pedal position; however, no pedaling was taking place. he cruised across campus much faster than a bike would ever maneuver if manually operated, and i laughed at the irony of the moment. here i was praying for those whose lives have become too busy, too fast-paced to even spare a few moments for their Savior, and here was this young guy, perfectly capable of pedaling, zooming across campus on his motorized bike because pedaling just isn't fast enough.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

really, really?

in high school i had a friend who worked at a gas station. after her shift each day we would talk on the phone like high school girls often do. i frequently became frustrated because she apparently felt the need to tell me about every single customer she had dealt with that day: the man with one tooth, the lady who payed for her virginia slims with pennies, the kid who stuck a candy bar down his pants... you get the idea. although her stories were typically entertaining, i came to realize how easily a job can begin to envelope someone's life. all of this to say, i'm sorry, but i have to tell one more ENGL 101 story -- two in a row... i know, a travesty.

so... today, about five minutes before class started, a student entered the classroom only to put his books on his desk, give me his homework, and inform me that he would be right back. twenty minutes and one quiz later the student returned to class. at this point the other students were busy with an assignment and rather than interrupt class i simply ignored his return. after class he approached me saying, "you're going to give me a break, right? we're both young... you get me, right?" i said little in response but asked why he had been late. his response...

"well, i had to eat lunch sometime."

i exited the room. and he will soon be exiting my class... permanently.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


as the students exited my ENGL 101 class today i noticed something quite peculiar, a noteworthy event for anyone interested in the generation gap that exists within generation X.

the reading assignment for friday's class was posted on the chalkboard, and while 22 students took note of the assigned reading by jotting it down in their notebooks, there was one student who did no such thing. instead, he waited until the majority of the other students had exited. he then casually walked to the front of the classroom and took a picture of the assignment with his cell phone. he commented on my bewildered look saying, "hey, that's what cell phones are for."