Thursday, September 25, 2008

true love.

my friend laura once said that coldplay writes the songs that her heart sings. kind of poetic, huh? i love coldplay as much as the next girl, but phil wickham is my heart's writer. "divine romance" is my ultimate wickham favorite, but most recently i find myself drawn to the powerful lyrics in the song "true love." Jesus is teaching me daily about walls built up in my life. in joshua 6 we see a wall around the city of jericho, an obstacle for the people of God. these people had submitted to God's Will yet found themselves up against a wall. we learn in joshua 6 and throughout scripture that we are to view obstacles differently than non-believers. additionally, you can't experience a miracle without first encountering an obstacle, a wall of some sort.
"come close/listen to the story/about a love more faithful than the morning."

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