Wednesday, September 10, 2008

really, really?

in high school i had a friend who worked at a gas station. after her shift each day we would talk on the phone like high school girls often do. i frequently became frustrated because she apparently felt the need to tell me about every single customer she had dealt with that day: the man with one tooth, the lady who payed for her virginia slims with pennies, the kid who stuck a candy bar down his pants... you get the idea. although her stories were typically entertaining, i came to realize how easily a job can begin to envelope someone's life. all of this to say, i'm sorry, but i have to tell one more ENGL 101 story -- two in a row... i know, a travesty.

so... today, about five minutes before class started, a student entered the classroom only to put his books on his desk, give me his homework, and inform me that he would be right back. twenty minutes and one quiz later the student returned to class. at this point the other students were busy with an assignment and rather than interrupt class i simply ignored his return. after class he approached me saying, "you're going to give me a break, right? we're both young... you get me, right?" i said little in response but asked why he had been late. his response...

"well, i had to eat lunch sometime."

i exited the room. and he will soon be exiting my class... permanently.

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