Monday, September 15, 2008

no need to pedal.

i would title this post "really, really, really?" if only i were convinced that the "really"'s would stop at three.

today, between classes, i spent time walking the campus with the intention of praying for students as they passed. prayer-walking is something i've experienced while overseas and something that i believe to be quite powerful.

i began to pray and ask God to really meet students where they are. i acknowledged that very few students are seeking Him out; they're caught up in the fast-paced worlds they've created for themselves. then, as the words were literally still forming in my head, i paused at the sound of a motor of some sort. imagine my surprise when i realized the motor was attached to a bicycle.

casually seated on his bike was an average-looking guy with his feet in pedal position; however, no pedaling was taking place. he cruised across campus much faster than a bike would ever maneuver if manually operated, and i laughed at the irony of the moment. here i was praying for those whose lives have become too busy, too fast-paced to even spare a few moments for their Savior, and here was this young guy, perfectly capable of pedaling, zooming across campus on his motorized bike because pedaling just isn't fast enough.

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