Monday, March 19, 2012

spring break. day one.

i love teaching.

if you know me well, you might question this statement. i'll admit, it's been a rough year, but all in all, i really do enjoy teaching. breaks from my profession, spring break and summer break in particular, give me time to reevaluate what i do and how i do it. breaks help me appreciate teaching all the more. and, honestly, who doesn't love a little vacation?

day one:
i downloaded the hunger games to my kindle this weekend and quickly made my way through the first several chapters. today i finished the entire book. what a great read! i can now see what all of the hype is about. maybe shane and i will make the movie a spring break treat.

today i also planned several yummy dinners for the week and did some grocery shopping, too. it's not atypical for me to make dinner during the week, but this week i'm able to make a few elaborate meals, meals that take extra planning and prep.

loving spring break and all of the rain. can hardly wait for day two!

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