Monday, March 19, 2012

high:low number three.

this week we've decided to make bookends of our respective highs. why not start and end with a high?

and, to those of you who've been sharing your highs and lows with us, keep them coming! we love to read your comments in general, and your highs and lows always make us feel a bit more connected.

week of march twelfth
(forgive us, our high:low this week is a bit arbitrary. 
it's spring break, though. we're allowed a bit of silliness now and then.)

high: sunday night, after the ku game, rene and i watched the epic finale of season 2 of the walking dead. some questions were answered about this season and last season, but i was left with many more concerning the season to come. rene and i have been watching this series from the very beginning. she knew i had a soft spot for zombies so we decided to give the show a try. little did we know we would be hooked by the epicity (state of being epic) of this show.

low: my low is also about the walking dead series. rene and i always look forward to sunday nights when we can watch "zombies." unfortunately, we have to wait until the fall to get more of the flesh-chomping goodness.

low: did anyone else feel sickly while watching ku play purdue? that horrible feeling was undoubtedly my low. it was like vcu all over again, and there was nothing i could do about it. shane and i exchanged glances every commercial break, but few words were spoken. then... with three minutes left in the game, everything changed.

high: THIS.

rock chalk jayhawk! loving us some march madness!


  1. Low: Unfortunately I did not get to watch as much march madness basketball especially on the craziest day so far, Friday. I enjoyed catching bits and pieces here and there though. Another low to that statement is that kansas state had a starter ineligible for their second round game and in the end Syracuse was too much and now my team is done for the year. I guess since all my friends are ku fans that I should probably root for them now???

    High: Which one to choose? I went to Kansas City this Friday and Saturday to get out of town for a few days and to get something I can not get around humboldt. That mysterious and wonderful item would be SUSHI. Yes some people would say gross but I am one for new things and ever since I have had sushi I just want to keep trying different kinds and well it does taste amazingly delicious. The best part of the sushi was that my friends and I ordered enough I guess? not really sure. They lady did see that my bday was coming up soon so maybe it was that? Well anyways the best part was.........It came on a big wooden boat, yes I said BOAT. The people sitting next to us got up to leave and said "that is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen" needless to say when it comes to my sushi experiences I would have to agree with the guy.

  2. Fact. That picture of Bill Self made me a bit teary-eyed.