Monday, March 12, 2012

high:low number two.

week of march fourth
high: my newest obsession... peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. reason being, my wife makes an oh-mazing pb&j. i might be a bit biased, but her sandwiches are the best. the perfect ratio of grape jelly and creamy peanut butter. the best.

low: about a month ago i chipped a tooth on a cookie of all things. thankfully, it wasn't painful, but after a regularly scheduled check-up with my dentist, i was informed that the chip would need some attention. my appointment this week was scheduled for 8 am and after a twenty minute drive to the dentist and a five minute wait after signing in, i was in and out and back in my truck by 8:03. possibly the easiest dentist appointment i've ever had. still, it was the dentist. it's not much of a low, and i love that i was in and out so quickly. my only gripe, i guess, is that the trip there was longer than the appointment itself. some might say that's a good thing.

high:  bethany is coming to america! early this week we got great news from our japan friends. beth and dylan have signed a new contract and will spend another year overseas. but, before their second contract year begins, they get to spend some time in the good ol' u.s of a. the end of april will surely consist of shopping, facials, wining, and dining. i'm ecstatic!

low:  facebook was overrun this week with posts about joseph kony. the film, a sort of call to action, wasn't a low in and of itself. in fact, the film was inspiring and spread like wildfire. the low, i guess, is something i'm still trying to put into words. i hate how unaware my generation is when it comes to issues beyond our borders. seeing facebook react as it did was exciting. i'm a part of a passionate generation. just imagine then if our generation was well-informed and could rally behind each and every issue that needs attention. i'm frustrated because the kony2012 video was plastered all over facebook on wednesday and today i see nothing about kony or the LRA on social networking sites. when you're passionate about something, especially if it's something that has the potential to save a life, don't let that passion wane. do something. please.


  1. High: My high for last week was on Tuesday when I went to Topeka for TRIO day. It is a day a bunch of TRIO programs come together for meetings and to sit in on the state house and education committee's. I got to see the politicians talk about bills they wanted to pass and it was not what I expected but interesting to see. Also I saw Sam Brownback up close and personal. I took a picture with him and even shook his hand, never thought I would say that. I believe this was my first trip inside the state capital building so it was a cool day. To top it off I ate at Red Lobster and had snow crab legs for the first time. It took a long time and a lot of effort but I was able to finish it with only minor injuries to my co-worker and myself.

    Low: When working on my motorcycle with my dad we got to the point of putting the new chain on. Well the chain comes not connected and it has this master link that you use to connect the two ends when you finally get it where you want. Well we go to put this link on and find out that they did not give us a clip link. So basically I can not put my chaing together because I need a tool that smashes the metal ends so the master link will not slip out and cause my bike to stop turning the wheels. No fun and hopefully I can get a new master link that I can use that I can put on and take off at when I need to without any special tools.

  2. High: My high this week came with church on Sunday. I was finally able to get some clarity on issues in my life I was unsure about. It feels so great to no longer have them taking important space in my brain for other things, such as Pintrest crafts.

    Low: My low this week has been an issue at work with timeliness. I mean, it is Spring Break, I get it. But if you are supposed to be at work at 8, be at work at 8. Don't stroll in at 10 and act like it isn't an issue. At least give me a heads up if you are going to be late.

  3. Low: My darling husband was up most of the night fixing something he did not break and does not get to spread any March Madness cheer this morning and talk them into filling out brackets as he is still asleep. And we are hosting community group at our house tonight and we are supposed to share our story tonight. We'll see how that goes...

    High: March Madness starts today. I am making homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch for community group - and I equally love the making of them - it's the whole yeast / dough / making something with your hands thing. Also found out we will have 2 sets of company with family before the month is out and that is always a good thing. :)

    PS I hope you don't mind I put low first - we like to end on a high note. Get it? :)

  4. A -- i love that you put low first actually. i was telling shane since our last post that i hate how each high:low ends simply because it ends somewhat negatively. i think from now on we'll go with low first.

    and yay for march madness! :)