Tuesday, March 27, 2012

high:low number four.

we're a bit late with our most recent high:low, but it's better late than never. and, what's kind of cute is that our high:low entries are more or less identical. how adorable are we?

high: saturday i got to spend some time with my beautiful wife. it felt like it had been forever since we'd had some quality one on one time. we went to tulsa for some shopping, a matinee, and had our first experience at cherry berry. if you haven't been, you need to find one soon and indulge.
low: taxes suck. enough said.

low: we had our taxes done last week and were beyond shocked to find out we owe an obscene amount of money. like, more than our combined monthly income. here's to an obscene amount of ramen in our future.
high: ah, saturday. in and of itself, saturday outshines every other day of the week... always. this saturday, though, was really sweet. my hubby and i saw the hunger games. shane loved the movie -- i was so relieved seeing as i had created a lot of hype after reading the books. we enjoyed some cherry berry frozen yogurt together and then did some shopping. i was on a mission for a few new super cute outfits. i've got to look good for bethany's visit. hehe. shopping was a success, and saturday, overall, was lovely.


  1. Low: The days were nice so I had decided to finish putting together my motorcyle. Well that sounds awesome right? Well it would of been but when I put it all together and pulled the clutch it did not have any catch to it and was useless. Great merlins beard I was frustrated and I thought for a bit and remember a little bb that had gone rolling away and fallen in a crack a long time ago. Well it was time to get creative or what some people would say ghetto. So I bought some bb's for like a bb gun so probably not the same thing, definetly a little bigger than the original. Even so I put it back together and...a screw had disappeared, you have got to be kidding me. Well the clutch was working again but another issue. I ended up getting a few new screws though so hopefully no more issues.

    High: I had a birthday last week, 23 does not seem too special except that I use to think, when I was in high school, that these people had figured things out and were doing what they wanted for their lives. I am still wondering but love my job and where I am at now with my family and nieces. Seeing all the people that wished me a happy bday was great, to think that I have that many people who see it and actually put something down for me is great. Sometimes I think I only have a small group of friends but it is nice to see all the other people who are my friends in one way or another.

    I wonder sometimes if some people are facebook bday posters, like if they don't really know them yet they still say happy bday. Maybe that is a sign I should clear out some friends on facebook if I don't know them enough to say happy birtday???

  2. are you passive aggressively reprimanding shane for not wishing you a happy birthday via facebook?


    he should be punished.

    i even reminded him on your birthday.

    bad shane.


    1. no no I was just thinking that you two are one now so if you say it he says it :)lol.

      but if you think so I will leave the punishing up to you while shane and I go wheeling sometime. That would more than make up for a missed happy birthday.

      That way you can start practicing punishment for when you have kids and they misbehave.

  3. Low: Money is a necessity that unfortunately doesn't grow on trees. And I mean that in the way that I can't just go in my backyard and pick the money from the branches, not in the way that you make paper from trees.

    High: Rob Burgandy was on Conan and announced that there would be an Anchorman sequel...oh it made my entire week!!!