Sunday, February 19, 2012

playing catch-up.

as was my fear, once school started in early september, i completely forgot about blogging. for your viewing pleasure, i've created a compilation of photographs and summaries to catch you up on our last six months. enjoy!

september included my ten-year high school reunion. homecoming was part of our reunion weekend, and my baby sister, sydney, was a queen candidate. love my sisters!

... shane's not so bad either.  ;)

the highlight of my october was sending bethany a birthday box of goodies. she created a play-by-play so we could see how much fun she had opening the box all the way in japan.

the entire month of november played out like a metaphorical drum roll in shane's head. his favorite holiday, thanksgiving, found us spending lots of time with family. we decorated the trees at dad's house, and i made an anti-turkey dinner of a hensley favorite: mashed potatoes and chicken noodles. don't worry, there was plenty of turkey over the course of the holiday weekend.

in mid-november, on my mom's birthday, we decorated our first christmas tree. i love how it turned out!

in early december we sent out our first christmas card, created by my talented husband (with some serious credit given to amandajanejones -- her amazing work was our obvious inspiration). 

we spent new year's in london, england! we were able to meet up with beth and dylan on their european vacation and get bed bugs all in a week's time. oh, london...

february isn't over yet, but we've already celebrated valentine's day and shane's birthday! it's a good month.

it's a good life.

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