Wednesday, August 10, 2011

barbecue -- hold the sauce.

word to the wise: spell check corrected my title, thus insinuating that "barbeque" is not the correct spelling but instead "barbecue" is how one would correctly spell the word of the day. i must say, i'm not convinced; therefore, i will be, from here out, referring to it as bbq (weird... is that a "q" i see? -- surprised it's not abbreviated bbcue).  ;)

yesterday my love brought home a delicious bbq sandwich for our quick lunch together. we're savoring our lunch dates while we still can. school starts back up soon enough, and i'll no longer be home for lunch.

what's so great about this particular bbq is that it's from the very place that catered our wedding. we didn't have bbq sandwiches on our big day, but we did have bbq and it was from the very bbq place that prepared our lunch today. just knowing that made our lunch a bit sweeter.

pictured is my pulled pork sandwich. i eat mine without the added sauce which means shane gets double the sauce and we're both happy. don't overlook the delicious fries. so good!

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  1. looks triligious! your wedding food was so tasty...