Saturday, December 27, 2008

a busy bee.

i'm one fourth of the way through my graduate program and feeling pretty good about the decision to come back to school. at times throughout the semester i struggled, feeling as if my time wasn't really my own. i'd sit in a class like Literary Theory and wonder how my newly acquired ability to psychoanalyze a text would ever really make a difference in this big world. days seemed to slip away from me, and my to-do list never seemed to get shorter. it's evident through my lack of blogging that i was and am a busy bee, but i keep telling myself the honey will one day be worth it.

more valuable than my scholarly skills are the friendships i'm acquiring, and i love that i've found my place within a community of like-minded people. this semester i've seen mice killed and beards grown. i've ruined a batch of cookies but made up for it with countless other desserts. i've made forts from couch cushions and talked into the morning, stopping only because my eyes would no longer stay open.

i'm liking this new hive of mine... stay tuned for the honey, honey.

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