Tuesday, November 18, 2008


i can't create coherent thoughts in my head let alone create a new post for this blog you're reading. i come here some days hoping a new post will have written itself, and rarely do i have inspiration to write about something as was the case previously. my life, it seems, consists of daily attempts to simply make it through the day. and, while that sounds seemingly normal, i assure you that my day-to-day is anything but normal.

i think i want to move to mexico and hold orphaned babies all day long. come with me.

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  1. I have decided there are no such things as a "normal days". Each one has its own unique challenges and gifts. I understand what you mean about getting your jumbled thoughts from your head onto a blog. Only for me, it is by writing that those thoughts seems to sort out a little. (Don't know if the people who read my blog would agree though.) Going to Mexico and holding orphaned babies sounds like a good use of our time.