Tuesday, August 5, 2008

the complete idiot's guide.

a few days ago, on a whim and because i was feeling exceedingly uncomfortable about the idea of going back to school, i bought the complete idiot's guide to english literature. as august 25th approaches, i find myself becoming anxious about graduate school. it has been mere months since i was in a classroom; however, it has been three years since i was the student.

i have this reoccurring fear that i'm going to be asked to recite all of beowulf in front of a class of my peers, while wearing a sign that says "i taught high school english." to english majors (excluding those going into education), teaching is the worst thing one can do with an english degree. many (including professors) view it as a waste of talent. why teach english when you can be english? write something, edit something... be english.

i just want to be rene.

until i figure out what all that entails, i'll be the "idiot" catching up on her thoreau.

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