Thursday, June 5, 2008

tenth avenue north.

yesterday was really good, the kind of good where if i were a thirteen-year-old girl i would type a long series of o's in order to get my point across.

i spent yesterday in tulsa all by my lonesome, and it was divine. i did a lot of browsing and a little buying at a few favorite stores then proceeded to Barnes and Noble where two and a half hours of my life evaporated. after reading random chapters from several books, i settled on two and then made my way to the stationary section where i found a new journal. i perused several magazines while drinking a chai tea frappuccino for lunch, finally purchased my books, then practically pried myself from the doors of the bookstore. after a few more stops and several "i'm just looking" responses, i reasoned that i was going to have to dine alone... another frappuccino wasn't going to cut it for dinner. the eatery of choice was panera, and i savored every bite. then began the real purpose of this post...

after a short drive and one broken law (i'll explain later), i arrived in jenks at the riverwalk crossing where i met two friends for a free concert. the setting was perfect, the weather was great, and as tenth avenue north took the stage i prayed that my friends and i would take something away from their performance. if you are familiar with any of their songs, you know that their lyrics are powerful, but the words spoken last night, not sung, were what really made the difference.

mike, the lead singer, told of his trip to india where he witnessed children worshiping the Almighty. he said that prior to his trip his impression of those who worship with their arms outstretched was that they were the ones who really had it figured out. they were the holy ones. but, for some reason, he was never one of those physical worshipers. in fact, he said that worshiping around others with their arms outstretched even made him a bit uncomfortable. yet, after witnessing the little children in india, God revealed to him that those who worship with arms outstretched aren't those who have it all figured out. mike came to realize that reaching one's arms towards heaven is reminiscent of children all over the world -- "Daddy, pick me up. i need you to hold me, to take care of me, to make it all okay."

i just love this idea and wanted to share with you. worship how you will, but if you are having one of those "i lost my milk money," "fell on the playground," "didn't get my nap in" kind of days, stretch out your arms. God will rescue you.

as for the broken law i mentioned earlier... don't judge. i simply made my exit when heading into jenks and realized there was a toll. i pulled out a few dollars, not knowing the exact price. as i got closer i saw the sign indicating that i would need to gather up sixty cents, and i needed exact change. i pulled up towards the coin drop, with a line of at least five cars behind me, and scrambled through my ashtray to find sixty cents (primarily in pennies). i deposited the coins only to drop the one quarter i had joyously found seconds before. there it was rolling down the highway behind me. then, with no other option in sight, i decided to cheat the state of oklahoma out of twenty-five cents. i ran the red light and prayed that i wouldn't be arrested for my crime.

hours later i learned that sixty cents wasn't all that oklahoma wanted from me. apparently, they needed thirty more cents when i went to leave jenks. literally penniless and upset at myself for not asking my friends for their spare change, i once more ran the red light that stood between me and the open road. look, there wasn't a single person manning the toll station and getting out of the car to ask for money was not an option. have you heard about the ever-increasing crime rate in the tulsa area?

so, i owe the state of oklahoma fifty-five cents; however, i have a feeling that i'll be getting a ticket for much more in the mail.

three lessons learned, dear reader:
1. always keep a plethora of change in one's possession.
2. stretch out those arms, and acknowledge just how much you need your Heavenly Father.
3. tenth avenue north is pretty great.


  1. I was mentioned in a blog and didn't know it...pretty sweet...good times, good times...

  2. look very close and you might be able to see my hand and/or arm in the picture provided.

  3. Oh man I love it when you break laws like speeding :)

  4. I re-read this post. It made me cry a little. Not only because I miss the good times that we all have had together and miss all of you, but also because I realized that I have tried everything I can except ask God for help to solve my problems.