Thursday, May 29, 2008

i wonder.

i wonder. is it illegal in the world of blogging for the blogger to delete an old post simply because he or she is no longer confident in the words once written? because this blog isn't interactive and you, the reader, can't respond in real-time, i guess it's my prerogative.

if, in the coming days/weeks/months, you notice that a once-beloved (ha!) post is missing, rest assured that it is not a technical difficulty but rather a blogger difficulty.

what is with me and my inability to stay confident in my words? i will write and send a letter only to soon after become anxious, analyzing every written word that i can conjure up from memory. emails are the same. i curse the send button for being so prompt.

dear gmail,
maybe, after hitting send, a prompt should appear asking the sender if they are certain they really want to send their feeble words.

disgruntled in kansas

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  1. hmm...i sense your frustration and i can reciprocate beings i've found myself in the same predicament on more than one occasion