Monday, March 10, 2008

march madness.

march madness does indeed make a person mad; however, i'm not convinced that basketball is always the culprit.

earlier this month i allowed others to convince me that a therapeutic foot bath was just what i needed. was it basketball that led me to soak my feet in a foot bath of scalding water for 35 minutes? my answer is simple: no. you may wonder what exactly was my motivation. to that i still don't know the answer.

let me explain my madness.

as i entered the foot room at a local health spa i first noticed the lit candles and calming music; however, the water i soon submerged my feet into was not so calming. in fact, the water was so hot that my feet remained red for an hour after my foot bath was complete. in retrospect, i'm a little astonished that i simply sat back and let a man i had just met put metal rods into the water my feet were residing in. to make it worse, these rods were connected to wires that were plugged into a machine of some sort. talk about madness.

after several minutes the once clear water began to turn yellow, then green. apparently my body was being cleansed electromagnetically through my feet. minutes later a mucus of sorts began to rise to the top of the steaming water, and later flecks of what i'm told were yeast also began to present themselves. when my allotted 35 minutes was up i went with the foot connoisseur to inspect my foot water under a light. according to the water from my foot bath, i am quite healthy. too bad the foot bath had nothing to report about my mental state.

now, as selection sunday is upon us, i look forward to the increasing madness that i am sure to personify. but, all is well. my feet report that i am healthy, and the jayhawks are looking pretty healthy as well. still, no one can look altogether sane when methodically chanting "rock chalk jayhawk" towards their television screens on gameday...

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